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SBACH342 50CC 90A306

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No.:  90A306 B / Y      Item: SBACH342 - 50cc
Packing Size: 50X36X160CM /1pc ;  G.W: 13.0KG

Wing span: 89 in / 2260mm                    Wing area:1466 sq in / 94.6 sq dm 
Flying weight: 16.5 lb /7500 g                Fuselage length: 81.5 in / 2070 mm
Engine Required: gas 50cc -55cc            Radio Required:  6 channels, 5-6 servos

V2 Features:
Carbon Fiber tubes reinforce the fuselage and wing; 
Main wing carbon fiber tubes and carbon fiber tail wing tubes.
Carbon Fiber landing gear.  
Carbon Fiber tail wheel system. PU wheel. wingtips are added.
Covered with hand iron-on covering film.
One of the best 3D kits in the market.
All wood constructions with fiberglass parts.
Built-up wings and Tail plane.The canopy had been painted well.
holes are good opened which is easy for installation of glass fiber Cowls andwheels.
Wing, fuselage server holes factory has been opened so that save customers’installation time.
Stainless steel hardware screws and positive and negative teeth push rod.
Imitated carbon fiber horn swayed arm . Plastic ball head

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